Sarah Harmon

I remember when I got my first camera.  I was in junior high and my parents gave me a 35mm manual focus camera for my birthday.  I  was taking a photography class at school and fell in love with it.  I found so much joy being behind the lens, not in front of it, and still do to this day.  

I was born and raised in Southern Oregon and have spent my adult life bouncing around and living in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Utah.  Growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and living and traveling around the West has made me the photographer I am today.  I feel that I am constantly seeing the world through a camera lens.  I am always looking to capture a specific moment in a creative way so I can share that moment with others.  I tend to focus on landscape/adventure photography because I love being able to show others the beauty that nature has to offer, especially in the West.  

I live in Bend, Oregon and work as a professional mentor with Friends of the Children, a nonprofit that is focused on breaking the cycle of generational poverty by working one-on-one with youth.  When I’m not working, I’m off taking photos and playing in the mountains with my trusty sidekick, a golden retriever named Teton.